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Q-845 Q-Motion® SpaceFAB

High Precision and High Stiffness

Q-845 Q-Motion® SpaceFAB
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  • Six degrees of freedom
  • ±7 mm travel range in X and Y, and ±5 mm in Z
  • ±7° rotation range in θX, θY, and ±8° in θZ
  • 10 N load capacity, center mounted
  • Self-locking, no heat generation at rest
  • Vacuum-compatible to 10-6 hPa

Piezoelectric inertia drive

Piezo inertia drives are space-saving and affordable piezo-based drives with relatively high holding forces and a virtually unlimited travel range. The inertia drive principle is based on a single piezoelectric actuator that is controlled with a modified sawtooth voltage provided by special drive electronics. The actuator expands slowly and moves the runner. Due to its inertia, the runner is unable to follow the subsequent fast contraction of the actuator and remains at its position. The operating frequency of up to 20 kHz enables directly driven runners to achieve velocities of more than 5 mm/s.

Crossed roller bearings

With crossed roller bearings, the point contact of the balls in ball bearings is replaced by a line contact of the hardened rollers. Consequently, they are considerably stiffer and need less preload, which reduces friction and allows smoother running. Crossed roller bearings are also distinguished by high guiding accuracy and load capacity. Force-guided rolling element cages prevent linear guide creeping.

Fields of application

Industry and research. Measuring technology, microscopy, micromanipulation, biotechnology, and automation.


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Product Note

Product Note

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Q-845 Q-Motion® SpaceFAB
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