Compact linear translation stage that features two separate moving plates on one guiding
Compact hexapod, up to 35 kg load
Hexapod protected against water, designed for 200 kg load, and for operation at an altitude of 5000 m a.s.l.
Open design without cover and careful selection of the components make the linear stage suitable for vacuum environments to 10-6 hPa
Voice coil linear stage with adapted geometry
Dynamic tip/tilt mirror (ΘXΘY) for up to ±100 µrad travel range
Thanks to the integrated protection against overheating, this preloaded piezo actuator can be operated at high frequencies
System solutions for microscopy: PIFOC® and 6-axis microrobot with NEXACT® piezo walking drives
7 axes with large aperture: The hexapod integrates a rotation stage in the motion platform
Heavy-duty hexapod for a load of 250 kg, clear aperture 800 mm Ø
Hexapod for up to 30-kg load with large aperture at the base plate
Compact piezo actuator for generating vibrations
Long‑range linear stage positions a 6‑axis low-profile parallel-kinematic SpaceFAB on top, UHV to 10-7 hPa
UHV-compatible miniature piezo hexapod. High-precision positioning even in strong magnetic fields
PIFOC® Objective scanner with high dynamics and nanometer resolution for heavy objectives
PIFOC® Nosepiece Nanopositioner, compact design, subnanometer resolution
Power PIFOC® Nosepiece Nanopositioner for high-resolution microscopy
NEXLINE® Z / Tip / Tilt Platform for semiconductor industry, wafer alignment
Vacuum-compatible hexapod, works in -10 to +25 °C environment
Vacuum-compatible high-load hexapod for precise positioning of loads of up to 1 ton
Precision linear stage with high dynamics due to the magnetic direct drive, high stability
Fast 6-axis hexapod for loads to 60 kg
Hexapod for loads up to 500 kg, absolute encoders
Hexapod for loads up to 1.5 tons, vacuum-compatible to 10-6 hPa
Focusses an objective in space: Linear stage for the "Mars 2020" NASA mission
Piezo-based nanopositioning system
Piezo hexapod for fine adjustment and active, dynamic error correction
1-ton hexapod features 0.8 µm resolution
Six-axis, piezo-based positioning system for positioning a specimen
PiezoWalk® piezo-based drives made for compact, high-resolution positioners
High-dynamics hexapod with magnetic direct drive for high velocity