The PI Ceramic Tech Center

It is our mission to support our customers as their partner for the development and manufacture of piezo components and their assembly, even for demanding requirements. Our newly founded unit, the Tech Center, combines various competences in the field of small series production as well as in the higher refinement – so that you can quickly and easily qualify samples for your specific projects.

New Technologies and Special Shapes

Whether green material or hard material machining, free forming, or soldering of miniaturized piezo components: The Tech Center tackles numerous challenges. We push the limits of what is technically possible to meet your product-specific needs.

Small Quantities and More Than PZT

Both single pieces as well as small series are produced at the Tech Center, separately from mass production. This allows for more agile production processes, which you benefit from. In addition to the manufacturing of components made of lead zirconate titanate (PZT), this product division also works with other materials, for example lead-free piezo ceramics, aluminum oxide, or zirconium oxide.

From Sample Request to Innovation

The Tech Center serves extremes in size: The product division manufactures miniaturized and large-scale piezo components. Furthermore, the following are created here:


  • Thin PZT plates ≥ 50 µm (tape technology)
  • Arrays with dice-and-fill technology
  • Half- and hollow spheres as well as focus bowls
  • Components for capacitive sensors
  • Ceramic guides
  • Piezo tubes with segmented electrodes

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