Extended Warranty

Peace of Mind

All PI systems are manufactured with the care and commitment to creating a quality product. All PI’s products ship with a warranty that each component will be manufactured without defect and this condition applies for the whole warranty term.

It is often the case that the customer wants to use their PI system for a period beyond the standard warranty term and would like that peace of mind to be extended for the life of their project and system’s use.

Ask your Application Engineer about extending the life of the warranty period for your next purchase.

Extending the Warranty Period

Extending the warranty for additional years is simply extending the customers peace of mind and PI’s commitment that the customers purchase will not fail due to poor workmanship or faulty materials for this extended period. Should a customer’s system then fail due to these conditions, PI will cover the costs to repair it.

When buying a new system, customers should ask for an extended warranty, to create this wrap-around comfort for up to 5 years in total and benefit from this peace of mind.

Cancellation Policy

Customers will be offered a 14-day cancellation policy where they can request a credit for the extended warranty and default back to the original warranty that ships as standard with each system. Any request will need to be made in writing to PI within 14 days from the date of the invoice.

Returns Procedure

If a customer experiences a system fault, they are encouraged to contact their local service desk for technical service and support.

The service team will comment on whether the system needs to be returned to PI for further investigation if the fault cannot be fixed remotely. A Returns Material Authorization number will be provided and the system is returned to PI quoting this reference.

For system faults covered under warranty, extended or otherwise, the system is repaired and returned to the customer without charge.

For systems not covered under warranty, that is the warranty period has expired or the fault with the system was found to be due to reasons other than a manufacturing defect, the customer is contacted and made aware of the cost to proceed with the repair. If the customer decides not to proceed with the repair, then the customer will be charged for the fault investigation and the unit is returned.