Customer Training

Hands-On Customer Learning

PI is passionate about empowering it's customers to get the most from their purchase. Hands-on user training that is tailored to each specific customer, makes this possible regardless to how experienced or new the customer is.

Hands-on Customer Training

At the customer site or at a PI office, training on PI’s software and systems is essential to maximising your investment. PI offers a series of training programs that cover a range of options, including:

  • class room training on PI’s operating software
  • one-to-one training on getting the most from your system
  • hands-on deep dive training with a product application specialist

What Is Covered?

Because each customer is different, PI ensures that each training program is tailored to suit the customer’s needs. The only thing common across our training sessions is that they are very hands-on and extremely interactive. If a customer needs an overview on how to use the General Command Set and write motion macros, or for more experienced users, a deep dive troubleshooting session to be more self-sufficient within a production environment, PI’s training programs offer the best solution in which to learn.

Flexible Location

PI understands that some customers prefer to be trained in their environment and on their application, but another would like to visit one of PI’s customer built training suites. PI is completely flexible with the location and is equally happy to visit you or to host you. As it is principally hands-on learning, it is essential that if the customer hosts PI, that there is an operational system which we can access and use.

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