Nanopositioning Piezo Actuators

Generating forces of up to 10000 N and strokes of up to 200 µm are the characteristics of nanopositioning piezo actuators based on stacked piezo actuators.

Piezo bender actuators are destined for dynamic motions of up to 2 mm with small loads.

Open piezoceramic actuators with many options for adaptions are directly available from PI Ceramic.

Preloaded Actuators with Low Drive Voltage to 100 V

P-855 Piezo Fine Adjustment Drive for Micrometer Screws

P-853 • P-854 Piezoelectric Micrometer Screw

P-845 Preloaded Piezo Actuators

P-844 Preloaded Piezo Actuators

P-843 Preloaded Piezo Actuators

P-842 Preloaded Piezo Actuators

P-840 Preloaded Piezo Actuators

P-820 Preloaded Piezo Actuators

Piezo Actuators

P-810 • P-830 Piezo Actuators

Preloaded Actuators with High Drive Voltage to 1000 V

P-216 PICA Power Piezo Actuator

P-212 PICA Power Piezo Actuator

P-286 · P-288 · P-289 Disk Translators

P-235 PICA Power Piezo Actuators

P-225 PICA Power Piezo Actuators

Piezo Benders

P-871 PICMA® Multilayer Bending Actuators

PICMA® Piezo Bender Actuators

PICMA® Piezo Bender Actuators