Technological Advantage Without Any Risk

Why OEM Customers Profit From Using PI's Positioning Solutions

If you want to break new ground, you must be willing to employ unconventional solutions. But does this approach automatically mean a higher risk? Especially in the OEM business, it is important to establish a reliable, long-term partnership. Read more on the strategies PI employs in order to achieve the desired market advantages with a technically flawless, innovative solution.

100% Customer Focus

A cooperative partnership between OEM customers and PI as suppliers is indispensable for mutual success. It not only includes regular contact between sales and purchasing. When targeting the high-tech business sector, a close cooperation at a developer level starting at the conceptual phase through to the finished system is also absolutely essential. Service and after-sales support are just as important to us. We see them as essential building blocks which reliably ensure the operational readiness of a system under production conditions and therefore contribute to an increased productivity. To this end, we are present with our own service experts in important target markets worldwide.

Innovation Requires a Solid Basis

New ideas don't fall from the sky, and creativity doesn't happen at the push of a button. They require strong, experienced teams both in technical consulting, and in development and design. For PI, the basis for innovative positioning solutions lies in a broad portfolio of in-house developments. What began more than 40 years ago with piezo positioning, sensor development, and control technology is now being continued with our own piezo motors, PIMag® Voice Coils, and linear motors. Established industrial solutions from ACS complement our own controllers in the fields of control and software.

A Little More Integration, Perhaps?

Positioning tasks in machines can be very complex. Therefore, the most suitable solution often goes beyond a simple drive element. The specific properties of a technologically suitable solution can only be optimally utilized by adapting a positioning system to the mechanical and control requirements. For this purpose, it may be necessary to specially design the power of a motor, to maintain a limited installation space, or to achieve dynamic requirements. PI also has a lot to offer in regards to controllers, e.g. flexible solutions for control electronics or programming interfaces for fast integration of PI controllers.

Reliability in Production, Testing, and Dispatching

A successful OEM solution must never the least be economical, even when quantities may fluctuate. The production processes must adapt to the quantities and at the same time be traceable at all times, even for the individual product. The fractal organization of the production environment at PI is prepared for this and it can also react, at short notice, to an increasing production capacity for large series. Especially then, process control that is coordinated with the requirements is important. It goes without saying that PI is accordingly certified, and not only for quality management. Read more on customized OEM solutions.

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