Picoactuator® Piezoelectric Crystal

Multi-Axis and Piezo Linear Actuators

The motion of a Picoactuator® piezoelectric crystal is highly linear and almost hysteresis-free. This allows highly repeatable bidrectional positioning, even without additional position metrology or closed-loop control. Therefore, the Picoactuator® technology is ideal for highly dynamic scanning with low electrical power consumption.

Picoactuator® piezo actuators can be configured as longitudinal or shear actuators, allowing the construction of particularly compact multi-axis actuators. The actuators are based on lead-free, single crystal material, which has a highly linear, hysteresis-free characteristic, but with small piezoelectric coefficients. The crystalline material allows for heights of up to 20 mm and maximum travel ranges of up to ±3 µm. The piezo voltage is -500 to +500 V.

P-405 Picoactuator®

Multi-axis Actuators with Highly Linear Displacement

  • Lead-free, crystalline actuator material
  • High dynamics
  • Ideal for operation without position control
  • Low electrical power consumption
  • Minimal length tolerances
PI E-483 Controller for Picoactuator® Actuators

For Picoactuator® Actuators

Picoactuator® actuators are operated with a bipolar voltage of ±500 V. The output voltage range of the PICA amplifiers can be set accordingly to suit this purpose. For smaller displacements, it is possible to use amplifiers for PICA Shear actuators of ±250 V.


Picoactuator® stack actuators are manufactured in a variety of shapes. Depending on the application, they can also be assembled with adapted ceramic or metal end pieces, additional coating, temperature sensors, etc. On request, we will gladly offer you customized products.

Applications and Markets

  • Highly dynamic, open-loop scanning
  • Clinical research
  • Compensation of transverse motions with nanopositioning systems ("out-of-plane" / "out-of-line")
  • Diagnostics
  • Microscopy
  • Therapeutic applications

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