Precise Scans for Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM)

Atomic force microscopy (AFM) permits surface measurements with highest resolution, even down to atomic levels. It enters dimensions that light microscopes can no longer resolve. With the new AFM systems it is even possible to conduct traceable measurements of stepped standards which are used to set other AFM's.


Piezo Based Positioning Systems

A piezo-based six-axis nanopositioning system is well suited for such scan applications. It is designed for travel ranges of 12 µm over three linear axes. Three rotating axes serve to compensate parasitic misalignment. Positioning better than 0.1 nm is possible. Not only reproducibility is important, but also absolute accuracy, as the AFM is used for quantitative measurements.

High Resonance Frequency and Digital Control

This high positioning accuracy is also supported by a high resonance frequency of the overall system of more than 1.4 kHz (at 300 g load), so that measurement is decoupled well from external acoustic interferences. The digital piezo controller controls the axes and can switch between internal (capacitive) and external (interferometric) actual value capture.

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Nanopositioning for Microscopy

Fast, Compact, to the Nanometer
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High-Accuracy and Traceable AFM Measurements on Semiconductors and Step Standards

Positioning in Sub-Nanometer Resolution
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