Piezo Drives for Laser Beam Control

Lasers are multi-purpose tools that can be used in many areas of application. Precise positioning of the laser beam is always crucial. At the same time, the laser beam steering and focusing also requires the drive systems used to be dynamic, reliable, and compactly dimensioned. Piezo-based positioning systems are ideal in this case.

Dynamic and Accurate

Actuators exploiting the piezo effect move with resolutions in the subnanometer range and response times below one millisecond, which makes dynamic operation with scanning frequencies of up to one thousand hertz possible. They are maintenance-free and do not need any energy in static operation.

Precision Solutions for Materials Processing and Laser Scanning

In the case of tip/tilt mirror systems and piezo-based scanning platforms, which are used, for example, for electronics production, piezo drives are used in parallel-kinematic positioning systems. There is only one moving platform with a common pivot point. In addition, the systems can achieve a higher accuracy than can be realized by switching two single-axis systems in succession – which is usually the case with galvanoscanners, for example.
The same applies for super-resolution microscopy.

The frictionless piezo drives and flexure guides of the tilt platforms allow higher accelerations than conventional drives and offer scanning frequencies of over 100 Hz over tip/tilt angle ranges of up to 3° in position-controlled operation.

The ceramic PILine® ultrasonic motors also open up interesting possibilities for laser beam control. They are characterized by extremely high velocities and acceleration with very compact dimensions. The patented drive principle makes them self-locking when at rest.

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Laser Beam Steering in Materials Processing, Laser Scanning Microscopy and Ophthalmology

Piezoelectric Drive Components and their Possibilities
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